What is QBR?

QBR (Quick Backup Recovery) is a backup and recovery solution for businesses, with on-site capability to perform “real-time” data and machine backup through “virtualization”. In addition, QBR offers an off-site backup to the “cloud”. In simple words, QBR is a business continuity service solution. … read more
Quick Backup Recovery : QBR the hybrid backup and business continuity solution

  • Collaboration in real time

    How it works

    QBR’s Business Continuity solution enables users to deliver Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) that meet or exceed the expectations of any business continuity plan.read more

  • Presice callculation


    QBR has many benefits that businesses can take advantage of and gain the peace of mind of securely backing up their data.read more

  • Professional support


    Business Continuity is our answer to not only ensuring that your data is restored to its former state, but restored quickly, with little to no downtime or interruption to your business.read more

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