About Quick Backup Recovery

QBR (Quick Backup Recovery) is a complete Business Continuity service offered by Namtek Consulting Services, powered by Datto. The main goal of this full-service offering is to provide businesses with total data protection, no matter the crisis or disaster, in order to eliminate the possibility of data loss and long downtimes as much as possible.  QBR comprises of powerful hardware and innovative software from Datto coupled with Namtek Consulting Services’ outstanding support and services; to make a complete Business Continuity service where business managers have the peace of mind they deserve when it comes to their company’s sensitive data. QBR is the insurance policy every company needs for their data.

QBR provides on-site capabilities to perform real-time data and machine backups through virtualization as well as off-site backups to the Cloud. This hybrid on-premise/cloud solution allows for quick backup execution on the local QBR device then an upload of images to the Cloud, ready for immediate recovery and use. On top of this, backups taken are ‘image-based‘ which enable complete recovery of the entire server, operating system, application and data files necessary to restore.


Simply put, QBR is a complete Business Continuity Solution designed to meet the needs of any business. The advanced technology behind QBR and its instant data recovery capability (from within a simple management interface), either on-site or from the Cloud, can definitely solve the worries of business managers and ensure operations can continue running like nothing ever happened during a disaster.

Who is Datto? Find out here!

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