QBR Advantages

    • Unlimited Backup of Servers and Workstations:
      QBR devices can backup an unlimited number of servers and workstations on-site and off-site, using a state of the art backup engine. Multiple snapshots of ‘virtualized’ backups can be scheduled to synchronize off-site, to ensure that no matter the situation, data is always available and recoverably in the event of an extended outage or on-site disaster.

    • Screenshot Backup Verification:
      QBR devices are intelligent; after every backup the device will go through an auditing process to ensure that each and every backup taken is valid and successful. The device will automatically turn on the VM, take a visual snapshot of the current data at a given time throughout the day, and notify in case of failure.

    • Auto Updating:
      All QBR devices, which are connected to our Support Center, download and install software updates automatically, ensuring that every device is always running with the latest software versions and customers benefit from continuous innovative enhancements.

    • Outstanding Support and Monitoring:
      Implementing a QBR Business Continuity solution is straight forward and hassle-free. The QBR team takes care of the implementation, integration, monitoring, and after support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as part of the service package. No surprises, no worries.

    • Broad Operating System Support:
      QBR devices support a large array of operating systems compared to other Disaster Recovery products on the market.  QBR solutions support almost any Windows system such as Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Vista, 2008 Windows 7. The possibility of file backup for  Apple and common Linux installations like RedHat, Cent, Debian and Ubuntu is also available.

    • Industry Compatibility:
      QBR’s devices are capable of exporting the ‘virtualized’ backups stored on it, to portable and industry-standard VM formats, including VMDK (VMware) and VHD (Hyper V).  This amazing technology means any export from a QBR device can run on any virtual platform that supports these formats (HyperV, VMware).

    • Network Friendly:
      All QBR devices are configured with multiple gigabit network interfaces that are auto crossover. QBR chooses name brand network adapters to ensure high reliability. Each appliance communicates using industry standards like CIFS, NFS, and HTTP SSL ensuring maximum compatibility. Every QBR device comes configured for DHCP, enabling easy setup.

    • Future Ready:
      QBR devices support the latest standards and are continuously being updated. Every QBR device supports software RAID and 2TB+ volumes including advanced format drives. QBR devices also support GPT Partition formats including those using EFI Boot. QBR is capable of backing up both physical and virtual systems with nearly any storage configuration. QBR also offers scalable storage options.

    • Domain Friendly:
      QBR devices can even be joined to Windows domains, making it possible for users to access NAS shares using their Active Directory credentials.
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